Moving companies forward with a more human approach to employee benefits. 

 Employers can expect assistance with compliance, health and prescription claims analysis, benchmarking, HR support, employee communications and more.

Expert Benefit Design

Drawing on years of experience, and teaming with select industry partners, we help you develop an effective benefit offering that mirrors the needs of today’s workforce.

HR Solutions

Expert advice, services and resources designed to lessen the grind of HR, and increase the focus on the “human” aspect of your company’s HR. 

Employee Wellness

Improve the vitality of your workforce by putting employee wellness front & center of your organization’s plans.

Explore the future trends of employee benefits.

Our Services

Health Benefits

Benefit programs that include medical, dental, vision and other benefits today's employees need and desire most. LEARN MORE

Financial Wellness

Programs to improve the financial health of your employees and increase employee retention, productivity & satisfaction. LEARN MORE

Mental Wellness

EAP's assist employees in specific issues, and mental fitness tools help to reduce stress, anxiety, and inspire mindfulness. LEARN MORE

Fitness & Nutrition

Reduce serious health issues and claims, and your premiums while helping employees stay in good physical health. LEARN MORE

Health Advocacy

Provide services that support, clarify and/or advocate for your employees when problems arise with coverage, billing & more. LEARN MORE

Tax Advantaged Plans

These plans, such as an FSA or HSA, help your employees save and pay for medical expenses while reducing payroll taxes. LEARN MORE

Benefit Compliance

Expert services that work in harmony with your benefits to simplify compliance and minimize your risk. LEARN MORE

Benefit Management

From implementation to annual enrollment and renewals, we provide hands on support through every phase of the benefit process. LEARN MORE

Benefit Technology

Digitize your benefits with an easy all-in-one platform to reduce workflow and errors, increase benefit participation & more. LEARN MORE

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What To Expect

Deep benefit analysis with benchmarking, aggressive vendor negotiations & more

Implementation, communications, education, advocacy, onboarding, etc.

Strong commitment to the good health and overall well-being of your workforce

Reducing your risk, time and costs associated with your benefit programs 

Our Partners

Our Resources

How the Pandemic Has Changed Employee Benefits

Employers are revising benefit programs to respond to, and better support, the needs of employees in the “pandemic/post-pandemic” era   There is no question that the pandemic has increased the...

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Who We Are

Idaho Benefits Consulting, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Balanced Rock Insurance Agency, Inc., a full service insurance agency and provider of group health and other employee benefits for businesses throughout Idaho since 1995.  Idaho Benefits Consulting, LLC services medium to large sized businesses in Idaho. We were created from the idea that an organization is only as good as its’ people. Since the pandemic, the labor market has never been tighter, with employee demands and needs shifting dramatically. Idaho Benefit Consulting helps employers respond to this new dynamic with a human approach to benefits that embeds employee wellness in all aspects of their business. When combined with our additional HR solutions and impeccable service, our clients’ liability, costs and risk are greatly reduced, allowing them peace-of-mind, most importantly, more time to focus on what matters most – their people.

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