How the Pandemic Has Changed Employee Benefits

How the Pandemic Has Changed Employee Benefits

Employers are revising benefit programs to respond to, and better support, the needs of employees in the “pandemic/post-pandemic” era


There is no question that the pandemic has increased the importance of employee benefits significantly.  More than half of employees, in several recent polls, said they would be willing to leave their current employer for the right benefits.  The last couple of months have proven that sentiment true, as employees jump ship in record numbers.  This has prompted employers to look for ways to enhance, and expand, their benefit offering to include benefits that are most useful to employees in the “pandemic/post-pandemic” era.

While medical coverage is still considered vital, here a few of the top benefit trends in 2022 that support employees,  whether working from home, or in the office.
  • Telemedicene – employees can receive healthcare and treatment from home, virtually almost anytime, eliminating the risk of exposure to COVID19.
  • Childcare benefits – helps working parents afford unexpected childcare expenses when schools close and/or remain closed during the pandemic and spikes in COVID19 cases.
  • Expansion in Financial Protection benefits, such as critical illness and hospital insurance that shield employees from exorbitant hospital bills and income loss.


Top talent is priceless, but expanding your benefit offering doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.  Idaho Benefit Consulting can help you design a benefit package that will win over today’s high performing workers, while keeping costs affordable for both you and your employees.  We also implement a strong employee communication strategy to ensure your employees engage in utilizing their benefits wisely.

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